PUBLIC SPEAKER (by Dr. Francis Smith)

Services offered:

  • Speaking, lecturing, giving seminars, and guest teaching on craniofacial biology (including craniofacial embryology and developmental biology, genetics, and morphology), craniofacial anomalies and their scientific, medical, and clinical aspects, craniofacial anatomy, as well as the personal experience of having craniofacial anomalies.

  • Speaking at craniofacial, dental, and similar scientific and medical meetings, conferences, and symposia, domestically and globally.

  • Lecturing to university, graduate, medical, and dental students and faculty, domestically and internationally.

  • Giving seminars to university, graduate, medical, dental students and faculty, as well as to other academic, scientific, and clinical audiences, domestically and abroad.

  • Visiting guest teaching, short-term or long-term, at universities or institutes, domestically and globally.

  • I am also interested in speaking and lecturing to the Star Trek fan community, a significant portion of whom are scientists (including biomedical scientists) and other intellectuals. Venues could include Star Trek conventions and Star Trek: The Cruise.

  • Speaking, lecturing, giving seminars, or guest teaching remotely by Zoom or similar platform, if it is not possible to travel to hosting institution or conference. My preference is to speak, lecture, give seminars, and teach in person, on site, but if not possible (due to pandemics and other situations where it is not possible to meet in person), Zoom and other such platforms will substitute for the short term.

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