Anatomical Illustrator (by Dr. Francis Smith)


Services Offered:

  • Medical illustration, in pencil, colored pencil, ink, paint, and other media, of craniofacial anatomy, craniofacial embryology and developmental biology, craniofacial anomalies, surgical techniques, and related subjects

  • Contribution of medical illustrations to journal articles, monographs, book chapters, books, textbooks, and other writings as needed by co-authors or authors

  • Contribution of medical illustrations to presentations, seminars, lectures, meetings, conferences, and other medical and scientific gatherings

  • Contribution of medical illustrations as artwork to art shows

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Current and Past Contributions of Medical Artwork:


--Multiple figures illustrating craniofacial anatomy, anomalies, and embryology relating to Treacher Collins syndrome in my chapter contribution to an upcoming book: “Etiology and Anatomical Variation in Treacher Collins” in Hemifacial Microsomia and Treacher Collins Syndrome: Comprehensive Treatment of Associated Facial Deformities (ed: David Yates and Michael Markiewicz), Springer, projected publication in December 2020


--A figure illustrating mouse embryonic facial developmental stages in an upcoming journal article with co-authors


--Use of my Treacher Collins syndrome anatomical, embryological, and surgical artwork in my numerous presentations, lectures, seminars, and special guest teaching experiences globally

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